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Show Highlights | Motek 2019

Show Highlights | Motek 2019

Wow! At 2019 MOTEK fair we had a lot more friends and customers visited. It’s always excited to give hugs to old friends and build friendship with new visitors. 
As Industry 4.0 coming, our brand new transducer system SMT-C1 & C50I were like the shinning stars which have brought a lot of attentions from visitors. Besides, our remote control cordless pulse screwdriver and automatic screw feeder system were also eye-catching.

It’s a great pleasure to have so many visitors came to SUMAKE booth. If you missed out the chance visiting us this year and yet have great interests in our products mentioned above, feel free to contact us by mail for more information!

圖像裡可能有3 個人、微笑的人、大家站著

圖像裡可能有2 個人、大家站著和室內

圖像裡可能有5 個人、微笑的人、大家站著和戶外


圖像裡可能有1 人